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The Wannop and Wyse Family Tree

Henry Taylor Wyse [1870–1951]

Thomas Wannop   [1865–1930]

The entries within this extensive family tree, have been gathered from a number of sources within the family, as well as from other archival sources.

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The tree is a substantial family tree, and as well as the Wyse family, encompasses many of the Cumbrian Wannops, although not embracing all of its branches. The Wannop part of the tree was originally compiled by the late Arthur Wannop – who farmed in the Isle of Wight – and was translated to a computer record by Glyn Ross of Canada, whose mother was a Wannop. The tree was subsequently considerably revised and extended by Urlan Wannop from original sources at the Cumberland County Records Office.

The Wyse part of the tree was compiled by Urlan Wannop from material originally collected by Henry Taylor Wyse when he researched the painting of the Wyse family tree. Henry Taylor Wyse had researched back to Henry Wyse (Banker 1839-1910), to which Urlan Wannop added the earlier generations from material gathered from online records, some graveyards, including the Mains on the edge of Dundee, and other original sources.

Robert Callander Wyse, Helen Todd Callander Wyse, Henry Taylor Wyse, and children